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Preferred Personal Care

Provision of Personal Services in the comfort of your own home by compassionate caregiver. Available for respite, ADL, Home Care 7/24.

“Personal Support Workers’ provide care to person(s) who require personal assistance with activities of daily living. They may also provide additional care as delegated as needed and when it can be performed safely and within Provincial legislation. Provide personal care and related paraprofessional services in accordance with an established plan of care. Provide for the personal needs and comfort of all individuals in their homes or other environments. Typically involves both personal care tasks and incidental activities of daily living, such as housekeeping, meal preparation, socialization and companionship.”

These values shared by Ontario Personal Support Workers Association’s as indicated in their Statement of Work.



Book A Free Consultation

Consultations are free of charge within the Quinte Region.

They last up to 2.5 hours and require access to medical information from clients. Consultation provides an opportunity to ensure existing services provided by local agencies have been engaged. It also provides an opportunity to provide an introduction to a Service Provider, ensuring a good fit for all involved.

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